Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 10 / MAY 1990

Disk Instructions


The programs on the START disk have been archived, or compressed, so that we can put more on the disk. In order to use them, the files must be unARCed. Before you do anything, however, make a backup copy of your START disk and write protect (window open) both it and the original.

Making a Backup
We format the disk using TWISTER.PRG from the Summer 1988 issue of START to increase the size of a single-sided disk to 400K. You can back up onto one Twisted, single-sided disk; one double-sided disk; or two regularly-formatted, single-sided disks.

Note: Twister does not work with GEMs Diskcopy. To make a backup, open a window for your original START disk and drag the files from the window to the backup disk. Store the original and use the backup hereafter.

Un-ARGng the Files
The un-ARCing utility ARCX.TI'P is included on your START disk. Copy it to a disk (floppy disk, RAM disk or hard disk) with at least 337K free bytes. Double-click on the ARCX.TTP that you just copied. The dialog box shown below appears.

You now must give it the name of the file to un-ARC. You have two choices.

1) If you have previously copied the ARCed file onto the same disk as ARCX.TTP, type in the filename. There's no need to include the ARC extension. Only use this method if you have enough space on the disk for both the ARCed file and the uncompressed files. Check the chart on the disk contents page for the size of the uncompressed files.

2) Type in the path and name of the ARCed file, for example, A:\EXAMPLE.ARC. If the compressed file is large, it may he necessary to have it on a separate disk so that there's enough room for the uncompressed files in the ARCX.TI'P folder.

The screen goes blank. Then the name of each file appears as it is uncompressed, and it is placed in the same folder as ARCX.TTP.
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