Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 10 / MAY 1990

Disk Contents

Programs on Your START Disk


Just in time for spring cleaning, of the computerized kind, is a versatile, traditional structured database, InfoBaseST. James W. Maki's organizing tool helps you whip into shape all that stray data littering your life. Check out the InfoBaseST Source Code, written in OSS Personal Pascal version 2.

With all the press about worms and germs and infectious diseases plaguing the computer community, we thought this would be a good time to run VKiller, George Woodside's public-domain lifesaver. This is the most important tool in any computer user's library; it detects and defeats known viruses, from the merely annoying to the viciously destructive. Flu demonstrates the symptoms of many of these; the program only manipulates the screen and is totally benign.

Speaking of useful medicine, we're prescribing a double dose of utilities this month, Name-Dropper and Quick ST. The former is Al Hubbard's floppy relabeler. The latter, written by well-known Atari shareware developer Darek Mihocka of Branch Always Software, is a memory-resident program that accelerates your ST, in both color and monochrome. And through an exclusive arrangement, Branch Always offers START subscribers a special upgrade offer for Quick ST version 2.0. Read the Quick ST documentation (on disk) for more details.

Time for fun and action with Styzor's Contest, Greg Kowis' deceptively simple, infectiously addictive arcade game. Blast the balls and beat certain death!

Note: Yes, we're back to the pre-Heidi Format days of single-sided disks and ARCX.TTP. We hope you find it less error prone and easier to use. Please read the new disk instructions; they explain some quirks in Twister, the 400K formatting program we used.