Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 1 / AUGUST 1989

Disk Contents

Spring into Motion!
This issue's lead program is a complete interpreted programming language. Pogo by Jim Kent incorporates Logo's turtle graphics and a unique approach to multiprocessing that makes Pogo ideal for graphic simulations and games. Even if you're not a programmer, be sure to un-ARC Pogo to see the demos and play the games we've included as sample programs. If you're a C programmer, the Aztec source code to Pogo is on disk so that you can add your own functions. Files POGO.ARC and POGOSRC.ARC; runs in medium or low resolution.

File Search is a new, indispensible utility from David Jarvis. This desk accessory will help you find any file on your hard disk (or stack of floppies). It accepts wildcards and lets you browse, copy, delete, rename or print the file it finds. File FSEARCH.ARC; runs in any resolution.

Hard disk owners, beware: File Search may exceed the ST'S 40-folder limit for folder access. If you don't already have Atari's fix for the problem, FOLDRXXX, it is on this issue's disk and may be freely distributed. File FOLDRXXX.ARC; runs in any resolution from an AUTO folder.

This month START presents a challenging puzzle game called Stumbling Blocks. Written by Mark Annetts, Stumbling Blocks will entertain you for hours as you try to fit the 12 shapes into a 60-square grid. Try the 8-by-8 puzzle for a strategic two-player game. Files STUMBLE.ARC and STUMBDAT.ARC; runs in low resolution.

Cyber fans, learn advanced Cyber Control techniques by studying Dann Park's Splines on Splines demo. Achieve the "slow in, slow out" motion effects used to create the famous Visitor animation. File SPLINES.ARC; requires Cyber Control and CAD 3-D version 2.0 or higher.

Should you buy a car or can you save money by leasing? This month's Business Applications column by Chnstoph Herd is accompanied by a buy/lease spreadsheet template to help you decide. Load this .WKS file into any ST spreadsheet that can read Lotus 1.0 files and plug in your own numbers. File BUYLEASE.ARC; requires a Lotus-compatible spreadsheet.