Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 3 NO. 6 / JANUARY 1989


Are You Up-to Date?

Latest Versions of Desktop Publishing
and Word Processing Progarms

Compiled by Stephen Mortimer

1ST Word Plus Prospero Software $99.50 NCP/2.02 Send in original disk.
Certificate Maker Springboard Software $39.95 CP/1.0 First Version.
Desktop Pub. ST Timeworks $129.95 NCP/1.1 First Version.
Easy Draw Migraph $99.95 NCP/2.3x Varies. Call Migraph
Electra Spell Abacus Software $19.95 NCP/1.08 Send in original disk.
Fleet Street Pub. Spectrum Holobyte $149.95 CP/1.0 First Version.
Font Design Part. Soft-Logik Pub. $24.95 NCP/1.1 Call Soft-Logik
Fontz! Neocept $34.95 NCP/1.11 6/2/88 Send in original disk. + SASE.
IMG Scan Seymor-Radix $99.00 NCP/1.8 Send in original disk. + SASE.
Mail Merge Regent Software $24.95 NCP/1.1 Send in original disk. + SASE.
Mega Font ST XLEnt Software $39.95 NCP/1.02 $5 + orig. disk or photocopy of disk.
Microsoft Write Atari Corp. $129.95 NCP/1.0 Send blank disk to Tech Support for printer drivers.
PM Interface XLEnt Software $29.95 NCP/1.1 $5 + orig. disk or photocopy of disk.
Print Master Plus Unison World $39.95 NCP/1.61 Send $20 + disk from non--Plus or Plus v1.x
Publisher Partner Soft-Logic Pub. $89.95 NCP/1.03 Send $10 + original disk.
Pub. Partner Pro. Soft-Logic Pub. $199.95 NCP/1.0 Send $99 to upgrade fromn Pub. Part.
Regent Word II Regent Software $79.95 CP/870827 Send original disk + SASE.
Rubber Stamp XLEnt Software $39.95 NCP/1.0 First Version.
ST Picta Scan E. Arthur Brown $149.95 NCP/1.0 First Version.
ST Scan software Navarone $123.95 NCP/1.3e Send $10
Tempus Eidersoft USA $49.95 NCP/1.1 Send in original disk.
TextPro Abacus Software $49.95 NCP/1.0 First Version.
Thunder! Electronic Arts $39.95 NCP/1.32 Send $13 + original disk.
Typesetter Elite XLEnt Software $49.95 NCP/1.0 First Version.
WordPerfect WordPerfect Corp. $329.00 NCP/4.1 8/1/88 Free. Call WP Customer Support.
Word Up! Neocept $79.95 NCP/1.0 7/1/88 Send in original disk. + SASE (3 stamps)
Word Writer ST Timeworks $79.95 NCP/2.3 Send in $19.70 + title page + disks from v1.x
Write 90 XLEnt Software $29.95 NCP/1.3 $5 + Orig. disk or photocopy of disk.

CP-Copy protected
NCP-Not Copy Protected
SASE-Self-addressed, stamped envelope

1. The above information was based upon manufacturer's claims and is current as of mid July.
2. With all updates, a letter requesting the update should accompany the other material listed here.