Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 3 NO. 4 / NOVEMBER 1988


Any ST owner knows that their machine is a professional computer--easily able to handle almost any computing task. But the ST hasn't had the general acceptance of the "blue" or "fruit" computer, except in one area: music. In our feature this month, Jim Pierson-Perry traces the parallel growth of MIDI and the ST as they've grown up together. You'll learn why the ST now stands head-and-shoulders above those other two on stage and in music studios.

This issue is all about new professional software on the ST. You'll find reviews of LDW Power, a new Lotus-compatible spreadsheet that outclasses 1-2-3, and Superbase Professional, a relational database manager that outstrips dBase. You'll also find previews of SBT, a superb business accounting software series, and Publishing Partner Professional, a major upgrade of a familiar DTP program.

We've also focused on professional programs on the START disk. In a first for START, we're publishing a program that runs only on monochrome monitors: ST SciPlot, written by University of Illinois physics professor David Heddle. When you boot it up, you'll know why immediately; it's a truly professional scientific graphing program that demands the high resolution of the ST monochrome monitor. And it's only on your START disk.

There's another first on this issue's START disk: finally, ST animators can add sound and music to your animations easily with the START Audio-Video Sequencer, a professional-quality "dubbing" program written by Jim Kent, the father of ST Animator and Cyber Paint. This one runs in color only, because what's animation without color?

If your business needs demand that you keep to a schedule (and whose don't?), you'll appreciate our Professional Calendar. It's a Desk Accessory appointment calendar, complete with notes, alarms and reminders (but no other extraneous accessories to clutter up your computer's memory).

There's lots more in this issue and on your START disk. If a "blue" or "fruit" computer owner tells you that your ST just isn't professional, shove this issue of START in his hands and tell him to be quiet and read it. But don't be surprised if he asks you afterwards where to find the nearest Atari dealer!

Andrew Reese
START, The #1 Guide to the Atari ST