Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 3 NO. 3 / OCTOBER 1988


Compiled by Heidi Brumbaugh
START Programs Editor

Three-character filename extenders often provide clues that identify the types of files on your disk. START has found a number of standard names--some mnemonic, some arcane, some just plain silly. Many of these extensions are holdovers from previous computer systems. Others were designed specifically for the ST, and some--those marked with an asterisk--are acted on by the operating system in a special way. As a general rule, unless a file has a .PRG, .TOS, or.TTP extender, or has been Installed from the Options menu of the Desktop, that file will be read as a text file from the ST Desktop and you will receive a "Show/Print/Cancel" box if you double-click on it.

This issue, we're devoting the Clipboard to some of the generic extenders we find common and useful to know. Next issue, we'll publish a detailed list of extenders used by the major commercial ST programs--so you'll know exactly what files are cluttering up your disks and why!

.ACC Active desk accessory.*
.AC_ or .ACX Inactive desk accessory.
.APP GEM application (IBM).
.ASC ASCII file.
.ASM Assembler source code.
.BAKBackup file.
.BAS BASIC file.
.BAT Batch file.
.BIN Binary object file.
.C C source code.
.CFG Printer configuration file.
.CNF Configuration file.
.DAT Data file.
.DEF Resource companion file.
.DIC Dictionary file.
.DFN Resource companion file.
.DOC Text document.
.DUP Backup file
.FNT Font file
.GEM GEM VDI graphics metafile.
.H C include file.
.HLP Help file.
.IMG GEM bit-image file.
.INF GEM information file (e.g., DESKTOPINF*).
.INP LINK68 input file.
.LOG LOGO file.
.LST Output listing.
.MAC Macro.
.MAN Manual.
.O Linkable object file.
.OVL Overlay file.
.PAR Parameters file.
.PAS Pascal source code.
.PRG Executable GEM file*
.PRN Printer definition.
.PRT Printer definition.
.RSC GEM resource file.
.RSH Resource source file.
.S AS68 assembler source file.
.SYM Symbol table.
.SYS System file.
.TOS Executable TOS file*
.TTP Executable TOS-takes-parameters file.*
.TXT ASCII or ST Writer file