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Super Summer Sounds!

When START published the Audio Visual Sequencer in the November 1988 issue, the one question we heard over and over from our readers was, "How can I combine my Digisound files with Cyber Paint sequences?" Well, now you can, using Babel, START's sound file conversion program by Contributing Editor Jim Pierson-Perry. Babel, START's first program written in HiSoft BASIC, converts sound files from any ST format to any other ST format--including the ST Replay format required by AVS. Not only that, but you can convert Mac and Amiga sounds to your ST, so you can download sounds from online forums across the country. Babel even supports some MIDI formats; see the article for more details. File BABEL.ARC; runs in medium or high resolution.

To get you started sounding great, we put some digitized sounds on your disk--you can play them back by loading them into Babel. File SOUNDS.ARC.

This issue START offers monochrome owners the power of GFA Object! We published the color version of this powerful 3D modeler in our May 1989 issue (the entire text of the accompanying article is on your May START disk). Also included is the Animator program, which converts object files to .DAT vector files so you can load them in to GFA BASIC and GFA Vector. Files OBJMONO.ARC (GFA Object), ANIMATOR.ARC (Animator) and OBJDOCS.ARC (documentation in ASCII format); requires a monochrome monitor.

This issue's Programming in BASIC concentrates on creating sound using the SOUND and WAVE commands. The Sound Wave Stylist by Sal Gutierrez lets you graphically edit your sounds and then save them to disk and merge them with your programs. The Sound Wave Stylist generates files compatible with GFA and HiSoft BASIC; you can also use these files with ST BASIC if you add line numbers. File STYLIST.ARC; runs in medium or high resolution.

If that's not already an earful, tune up ST Theremin, a computer program based on the old fashioned Theremin sound effects generator. ST Theremin was written by Sterling Webb, author of the SEURAT paint program from the March 1989 issue. File THEREMIN.ARC; runs in all resolutions.

For entertainment this month, try the START Arcade--three fast-paced, exciting games in one. From the arcade menu select either Raymond Pompon's Cheese Munchers or Skeet or Immunity by Richard Betson. Gear up for fun with ARCADE.ARC; runs in low resolution and requires a meg of memory.

Finally, see how HiSoft BASIC measures up with Dave Plotkin's HiSoft Benchmarks. Compare the results to those published in our October 1988 issue--then see which BASIC is best for you. File HISBENCH.ARC; runs in medium or high resolution.


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