Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 3 NO. 11 / JUNE 1989

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Send Your ST Soaring!

This issue we continue to provide you with top commercial-quality programs from GFA Systemtechnik with GFA Vector. Use this program with GFA Object (from the May 1989 issue) and the GFA BASIC 2.0 interpreter (from the January 1989 issue) to create great 3D animated sequences for your programs. File VECTOR.ARC; run in medium or high resolution.

Computerized Concentration games aren't new, but Jon Rick's Match Quiz ST will really knock your socks off. This game combines color-cycled animation with musical medleys for a dazzling display. Use Match Quiz ST to teach your children arithmetic or musical notes, or create your own trivia files to match wits with players of all levels. File MATCH.ARC; runs in low resolution.

For a diversion this month, try Charles Baily's ST Pinochle. Play this classic card game against two computer opponents. You can customize many of the rules in this challenging game. File PINOCHLE.ARC; runs in low resolution.

Also on your START disk are some great tools for serious ST users. If you're writing a screenplay, Mike Perry's WordPerfect Macros will make formatting your work a snap--so you can get right to the creative aspects of writing. File WPMACROS.ARC; requires WordPerfect.

New to spreadsheets? Then dive into Christopher Herd's Financed Investment Gain/Loss Statement template to get started. This template complements START new Business Applications column. File GAINLOSS.ARC; requires a spreadsheet that can read WKS format files.

Another new START column this issue is Programming in Pascal. Bruce Wiebe introduces you to assembly language programming--and shows you how to use it to get your Pascal programs really moving. See his Small Flight demo on disk, and read the Clipboard in this issue for START's assembly language challenge. File SMALLFLT.ARC; runs in medium or high resolution.

Finally, the CyberPaint files on your START disk let you follow along with Jon Bell's Cyber Corner this issue as Jon describes how to use traveling mattes for stunning optical effects. File CYBERCNR.ARC; requires a color monitor and CyberPaint.


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