Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 3 NO. 10 / MAY 1989

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Space is the Place

Create a universe with GFA Object, a commercial-quality 3D object generator. You can load your objects into GFA BASIC or GFA Vector and animate them for stunning special effects in your programs. GFA Object also can generate ASCII object files and GFA Draft Plus macro-data files. Runs in medium resolution; files OBJECT.ARC and ANIMATOR.ARC.

Be the commander of a Federation or Romulan star ship in Space Wars 2400 by Jim Kent and David Ramsden. Shoot photon pixels at the enemy as you fight the gravitational pull of the sun. Two people can play this game on one computer or miles apart via modems! Files SPACE.ARC and SPACESRC.ARC; runs in medium resolution.

Transporting files between Word Processors is finally a snap using START's Instant File Translator (SIFT) by Bruce Noonan of ST Writer fame. Transfer files to or from ST Writer Elite and 1st Word, Word Writer ST and WordPerfect. File SIFT.ARC; runs in medium or high resolution.

Delmar Searls continues his tutorial on True BASIC this month as this issue's Programming in BASIC columnist. Want to learn more about subroutines, functions and modules? Study the source code to the demonstration program that converts a number from one base to another. The Base Conversion program is in the file BASCNVRT.ARC; runs in medium or high resolution.

Tom Chandler returns once again with his annual START Tax Template. Save time by using your Lotus-compatible spreadsheet (in .WKS format) to compute your taxes--April 15th is just around the corner! File TAX88.ARC; refer to your spreadsheet's manual on how to load the file.

Hard drive hangups giving you headaches? Revive it with the Hard Disk Reviver! Originally published in START's Spring 1987 issue, this hard disk tool from Dave Small and Dan Moore will let you bypass your hard disk's normal autobooting procedure. File REVIVE.ARC; runs in any resolution.


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