Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 3 NO. 1 / SUMMER 1988


There are two kinds of files on your START disk. To make all of the files fit, we compressed all but a few of them using the ARChive utilities set. This compresses many different files together into a single file, reducing the over all size by 40 percent or more. We have provided the program ARCX.TTP on your START Disk so you can expand each file back into its original form. The only files that do not need to be unARCed are contained in the folder called "CYBER"; they are SCALEIT.CTL and TEST.3D2. These may be used with Cyber Control immediately.


Your START disk is not copy protected and you should make a copy of it immediately. Make sure that the write-protect window is OPEN on the START disk at all times.

Format a disk for backup.

1 Take a blank disk and make sure that the write-protect window on this disk is closed. Label this disk "START Backup" and place it in Drive A. WARNING: The contents of this disk will be erased, so be sure that there is nothing on it you want to save!

2 From the desktop, click once on the Drive A icon; it will change color.

3 Select the File option on the menu bar and then select Format from the drop-down menu. An alert box will appear with a warning; click on the OK button.

4 When the Format dialog box appears, select Single-Sided if it is not already highlighted and click on the Format button.

5 When the disk is formatted, another alert box will tell you how much space is available on that disk. Click on OK and then on the Exit button in the Format dialog box.

Copy your START disk onto your backup disk.

1 If you have more then one drive, put your START Backup disk into Drive B.

2 Put your START disk in Drive A.

3 Point the mouse cursor at the Drive A icon and then hold the left mouse button down. The Drive A icon will change color. Drag it to the Drive B icon (only the icon's outline will move). When the Drive B icon is highlighted, let go of the mouse button.

4 A message will ask you if you are sure you want to copy the disk. Click on OK. After a few moments, another dialog box will appear; click on the Copy button. When the copying is finished, you will be returned to the desktop.

(If you have only one drive, begin by inserting your START disk. You will have to switch disks several times during the copy operation; simply follow the instructions on the screen. When the computer refers to Disk A, it means your START disk; Disk B is your START Backup disk.

Now put your START disk in a safe place and use your START Backup disk. You may now put your START Backup disk in Drive A and double-click on the Drive A icon to see the disk's contents.


Copy the ARCed file you wish to use and the program ARCX.TTP onto a blank formatted disk.

1 Format a second blank disk just as you did to make your START Backup Disk; label this disk "Un-ARC Disk."

2 Find the icon of the file "ARCX.TTP" and point to it with the mouse cursor. In the same way that you dragged the Disk A icon outline when you copied your START disk, hold the left mouse button down and drag the ARCX.TTP file icon outline to the Disk B icon. When the Disk B icon changes color, let go of the mouse button.

3 When the computer asks you whether you're sure you want to copy the file, click on OK.

(Note to single-drive system users: You will have to swap disks several times when copying files, just as you did when copying a disk. Just remember that now your START Backup disk is Disk A and your UnARC Disk is Disk B.)

4 Now repeat steps 2 and 3 to copy the file you want to use onto your Un-ARC disk. Refer to the companion START article for the correct file name.

Now, unARC the file.

1 Insert your Un-ARC disk into Drive A and press the Escape key to see the directory.

2 Double-click on ARCX.TTP

3 At the prompt, type in the name of the ARC file you just copied over to your Un-ARC disk and press Return. As the program runs, it will display the names of the new files as it unARCs them.

If ARCX.TTP can't find a file, it may be because you have misspelled the name of the ARC file. Remember, you must type the filename exactlyas it appears in the directory.

In addition to the programs, some ARC files may also contain source code listings or an ASCII text file (called BREAKDWN.TXT) which shows the program's structure. You can examine this file from the desktop by double-clicking on its icon and then clicking on View (to see it on the monitor) or Print (to print it out).


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Whether your summer plans include a trip to Disney World or just staying at home with your ST, this issue's START disk will help you make the most of your leisure hours.

Planning a vacation? Then boot up Ron Schaefer's The Traveler to plan your route across the country or the world.

How about creating a world of your own? Tom Hudson's Creation! will let you build mighty fractal mountains and extraterrestrial landscapes! You can save the pictures in DEGAS or NEO format, or even save your creations as CAD-3D objects! As an added bonus, Creation! lets you load and display data from the United States Geological Survey--use the program to generate accurate topography maps! (A sample file of San Mateo Valley's Big Basin is included on your START disk.)

Tired of online help screens that never have the help you need? Write your own with Igor, a dynamite desk accessory from John Jenkins, author of STARTKey (Winter 1987 START).

Twister, Dave Small and Dan Moore's floppy disk formatter, is back! The original (Spring 1987 START) was one of our most popular programs, and now Twister will work on the Megas and all current versions of TOS.

Dizzied by the amount of information and programs in your START library? Want to buy a back issue but aren't sure which issue has what you need? A complete index to all ST material from START and Antic's ST Resource appears on your STAT disk, ready to print out or load into your favorite database.

And finally, kick back, relax and play START Klondike--the classic Solitaire game! From one of the authors of Atari's Joust, START Klondike will let you play solitaire all day--without shuffling cards once!