Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 2 NO. 5 / SPRING 1988


If you're a longtime Atari computer user, then you're probably also a loyal follower of Antic Publishing.

We've been staunch supporters of Atari's computers for over six years. We've provided you with Antic, the first monthly Atari 8-bit magazine; START, the first (and most successful) ST magazine; and a fantastic line of Atari software - products that have helped you push your computer's capabilities to the limit.

But today, modern publishing means more than just mailing out monthly bundles of paper and ink. It means information dissemination through electronic means, too, and I'm proud to say that Antic Publishing will maintain its role as the leading source of information for the Atari community through all means.

The beginning of this year marks the third anniversary of Antic Online, our electronic magazine on CompuServe, the most widely-used online service in the U.S. Since January of 1985. Antic Online has provided Atari technical support, downloadable magazine programs, graphics demos and "instantaneous journalism" -CES and Comdex reports for an information-hungry audience.

And now we're celebrating another milestone. In a joint venture between Antic Publishing and CompuServe, you can now:

  • Download commercial-quality software
  • Subscribe to START and Antic magazines
  • Purchase our award-winning Antic Software and have it sent straight to your home!

That's right-through CompuServe's Softex service, you can download some of our hottest 8-bit and ST titles-programs like Disk Doctor, Graphic Shop, Fractal Factory and the G.I.S.T. Sound Tool, among others. The software is charged directly to your CompuServe account, and you can use it the same day!

With CompuServe's Electronic Mall, you can buy anything from stereo systems and office supplies to clothes and magazines. And if you have a credit card, you can even subscribe to Antic and START by just typing a few keystrokes!

And finally, here's something else to sweeten the deal- if you buy a copy of Antic Software's Flash (the most widely-used ST telecommunications program), you get $15 worth of free time on CompuServe!

So what are you waiting for? For information on Flash, see The Catalog in the center of this issue. And for more details on Antic's renewed electronic presence, take a look at Gregg Pearlman's Online column in this issue on page 79- then take your mouse and modem out for a stroll through CompuServe.

Jim Capparell