Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 2 NO. 5 / SPRING 1988


To fit the files onto your START disk, we compressed them using the ARChive utilities set. This is CompuServe's preferred compressor/librarian. and lets you compress many different files together into a single file, reducing the size by 40 percent or more. We have provided the program ARCX.TTP, which will let you expand each file back into its original parts.

Your START disk is not copy-protected, and you should make a backup of it immediately.

* Format a disk for backup.
1. Put a fresh disk in Drive A. The contents of this disk will be erased, so be sure there is nothing on it you want.
2. Click on the Drive A icon to highlighit it.
3. Select Format from the File option on the menu bar.
4. Click on Single-Sided, if it is not already highlighted, then click on the Format button.
5. When the format is complete, an alert box will tell you how much space is available on the disk. Click on OK, ther click on the Exit button to return to the desktop.

* Next, copy your START disk onto your backup disk.
1. If you have more than one drive. put the newly formatted disk into Drive B.
2. Put your START disk in Drive A.
3. Point the mouse cursor at the Drive A icon. Click and drag the icon to the Drive B icon until the Drive B icon is highlighted, then let go.
4. A message will ask if you are sure you want to copy the disk. Click on OK. At the next dialog box, click on Copy.
(Note to single-drive system users: You will have to switch disks several times so that the computer can complete the copy operation; simply follow the instructions on the screen. Disk A is your START disk. Disk B is your new backup disk.)

* Now place your original START disk in a safe place. Put your new working disk in Drive A and double-click on the Drive A icon to see its contents.

* Copy the ARCed file you wish to run and ARCX.TTP onto another freshly formatted disk.
1. Find the icon of the file you want to copy and point to it with the mouse cursor.
2. Click and drag the icon to the Drive B icon so that it is highlighted, then let go.
3. When the computer asks if you're sure you want to copy the file, click on OK.
(Note to single-drive system users: You will have to swap disks several times when copying files, as you did when copying entire disks. Just remember that your working copy of the START disk is Disk A, and that Disk B is the new disk you want to put the program on.)

* Now. unARC the file.
1. Insert the new program disk into Drive A and press the Escape key to see the directory.
2. Double-click on ARCX.TTP
3. At the prompt, type in the name of the ARC file you want to use, then press Return. For example, if you wanted to unARC the budget templates, you would type BUDGET.ARC. The disk drives will turn, and the program will display the names of the new files as it unARCs them.

If ARCX.TTP cannot find the file, it may be because you have misspelled the name of the ARC file. Remember, you must type the filename exactly as it appears in the directory.

That's it! Now you are ready to run the program or load in the template, following the instructions in the program's accompanying article.
START Preparing Your Financial Future
In this issue we present an overview of personal finance programs currently on the market for the ST but you can get started using your computer for constructive financial plan fling now- just slip your START disk into your disk drive. Discover creative ways to make the most of your money with:
  • Two spreadsheet templates to let you customize a household budget (see "The Buck Starts Here");
  • A program to project how quickly your retirement savings will add up (see Figure "Your Financial Future");
  • A mortgage calculator to help you figure Out how soon you'll be able to move into your dream home (see "Figure Your Financial Future");
  • Tax templates to make Uncle Sam's bite as painless as possible (see "Taxes the Easy Way").
In addition play the exciting strategy game Battle for the Throne or get a sampling of artificial intelligence with START's own Prolog interpreter (see "A Taste of Prolog").

If you bought this magazine without disk you're missing out on one of the best deals on ST software available today You can get the disk by sending in the order form enclosed in the in magazine, or by calling our toll free number 1-800-234-7001. If you prefer to order by mail send in $10.95 plus $2.00 postage and handling) to DISK DESK, 544 Second Street San Francisco, CA 94107 (When ordering, always make sure to specify which issues disk you want.)

All programs on your START disk are for your own private use, and are not public domain.