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Patching It Up
No sooner do we update our ST MIDI software list than more ST music programs tumble across our desks.

One of the newest is Edit-8000, a graphic patch editor/librarian for the Korg DW- and EX-8000 series of synthesizers. Edit-8000 includes four levels of patch generation, a built-in mini-sequencer and full librarian functions. You can swap, save and load patches and banks (of sounds). Edit-8000's workscreen uses a combination of "tuning knobs" and "sliders," allowing you to alter your sounds with the mixing board-style interface It even in-. cludes over 500 patches to get you started. $79.95. Savant Audio, 2140 Bellmore Ave., Bellmore, NY 11710. (516) 826-6636

From Sonus comes two MIDI products: MasterPiece and SST Super Sequencer MasterPiece is a powerhouse 32-track sequencer for professional musicians. It supports real or step-time entry, keyboard mapping, extensive editing and filtering options and a wealth of other features. SST Super Sequencer is a starter sequencer, similar to MasterPiece, but without as many features. MasterPiece, $375.95; SST SuperSequencer, $149.95. Sonus Corp., 21430 Strathern Street, Suite H, Canoga Park, CA 91304. (818) 702-0992

Even More Music and Graphics on the ST
One of the most useful pieces of electronic sound equipment is a sampler. A sampler lets you record sounds of any kind and save them to disk as digital information. Once digitized, you can play the sounds back on a synthesizer or drum machine.

ST-Replay is a new cartridge-based sampler that lets you digitize and play back sounds or music on any ST. You can sample the output from a cassette or CD player or a turntable, using phono plugs, then play the samples through your ST monitor, TV speakers (for STs with RF modulators) or through your own home stereo. You can also use the samples in your own programs with the ST-Echo and User software that comes with the cartridge.

Digidrum is a drum machine/sequencer package that lets you program up to 32 beats per rhythm pattern, up to 99 patterns and up to 70 song entries. It also includes a variable playback rate, and allows you to load additional samples from disk. ST Replay, $159.95; Digidrum, $39.95. Microdeal Ltd., distributed by MichTron, 576 S. Telegraph, Pontiac, MI 48053. (313) 334-5700

Don't BeA CADD
There are a couple of new CADD (computer-aided drawing and drafting) programs in town; they should be available as you are reading this.

MasterCAD lets you create 2- and 3-D graphics through its concept of "projection planes." You can spin 3-D objects from 2-D drawings, move, copy, flip or rotate them either horizontally or vertically, and view them from different angles, either in wireframe or solid mode. You can write text in either 2- or 3-D and manipulate it as an object. It also allows you to print your work in any size. Different versions of MasterCAD will be available for both monochrome and color ST systems, 512K and one megabyte $199.95. Indi, C.A., distributed by MichTron, Inc., 576 S. Telegraph, Pontiac, MI 48053. (313) 334-5700

Symmetry lets you design anything from architectural models to circuit boards. It features interactive 2-D and true 3-D capabilities, multiple windows, rotation axes and layers (up to 256) and zoom (magnify your drawing up to a million times). It also allows scaling in either English or metric measurements. You can label your drawings with the text features, specify different fonts, and manipulate the text as 2-D and 3-D objects. $199. Northern Design Systems, 649 Down Cresent, Oshawa, Ontario LIH 7X9. Canada. (416) 436-2941

The ST Lightpen Interface is designed to work with popular ST drawing, painting and CADD programs (in any resolution), and you can also use it simultaneously with your mouse. At press time, the lightpen was still awaiting FCC approval. Price should be between $220-250.

OmniRes ST purports to let you run virtually any color-only software on your monochrome monitor. The program is slated to include options for low- and medium-res emulation, plus a "turbo" mode allowing color programs to run faster in monochrome U.S. price should be $34.95.

With the ST Graphics Tablet Driver and a Kurta graphics tablet, you'll be able to draw or trace your favorite artwork, with resolution up to 200 dots per inch. The software allows you to use the mouse and tablet simultaneously. U.S. price is $129.95. Hypertek/Silicon Springs Development Corp., 120-1140 Austin Avenue, Coquitlam, British Columbia V3K3P5, Canada. (604) 939-8235

Three Computers In One: PC and Macintosh Software on the ST
With pc-ditto, a software package from Avant Garde Systems, and the Magic Sac cartridge, from Data Pacific, you can run hundreds of PC and Macintosh software packages on your ST. In short, with an Atari ST. you've actually got three computers in one!

This is the first installment of our IBM PC and Apple Macintosh software coverage. In future issues we'll review top-of-the-line PC and Mac software that's been proven to run on the ST. using pc-ditto and the Magic Sac. If you've been wanting to see names like Borland, Microsoft and Lotus on your ST screen, then keep watching these pages!

IBM Software
Here are some of the hottest IBM titles that Avant-Garde Systems has certified as running with pc-ditto: Enable (The SoftwareGroup); Framework and Framework II (Ashton-Tate); Lotus 1-2-3, 1-2-3 Report Writer, and Symphony (Lotus Development Corp.); infidel and Cornerstone (lnfocom); Multiplan Microsoft Chart and Microsoft Project (Microsoft Corp.); Dollars and Sense (Monogram); Sidekick (Borland); PFS: Professional Write (Software Publishers) and Wordstar (Micropro).

Macintosh Software
You can run hundreds of Macintosh programs with the Magic Sac Plus cartridge-and in some cases, the software's faster on the ST than it is on the Mac! (If that isn't enough, Data Pacific has two other products for the Mac-hungry ST owner: Translator One, an interface box that enables ST drives to directly read Mac disks, and Magic Sac Professional, which includes the Magic Sac, the Translator and the Magic Epson Printer Driver.)

Some of the super Mac titles that will run on the ST are: Reflex 1.01 and Turbo Pascal (Borland); Cyborg, Essex, Geometry, Lode Runner, Mindwheel. The Ancient Art of War, The Print Shop and The Toy Shop (Broderbund); Ballyhoo and Zork III (Infocom); PageMaker 2.0 (a powerful desktop publishing program from Aldus Corp.); Desk Top Art (Dynamic Graphics, Inc.); Printworks and Epstart (Softstyle, Inc.); Thunderscan (Thunderware, Inc.); the Aztec C Compiler (Manx); the Megamax C Compiler (Megamax); BASIC interpreter, Chart 1.0, Excel 1.03, Multiplan 1.02, Word 3.00 and Works (all from Microsoft Corp.); and most Apple software, such as MacWrite, MacDraw, MacPaint and MacProject.

We've Only Just Begun
If you've bemoaned the fact that your local computer store doesn't carry ST software, then pc-ditto and the Magic Sac will lift those woes from you. These same computer stores will most likely be carrying the software mentioned above, or will probably order it for you.

pc-ditto, $89.95. Avant-Garde Systems, 381 Pablo Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32225. (904) 221-2904

Magic Sac Plus, $149.95; Translator One, $279.95; Magic Sac Professional, $449.95. Data Pacific, Inc., 609 E. Speer Blvd., Denver, CO 80203. (303) 773-8158