Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 2 NO. 4 / SPECIAL ISSUE #2


Anita MalnigWhy, you may ask, an entire issue devoted to music and graphics? The reason is that because the ST shines so in these areas we felt it important to give you as much information as possible. And-as a bonus. The bonus is that this year START will come out eight times, our four regular quarterly issues and four special issues. Subscribers will be receiving eight issues for the price of four.

So, what's in this issue? You've probably noticed B.B. King on the cover. Yes, he uses an ST as many other music celebrities do, and you'll read about them in "Rock 'n' Roll with Atari," by Mard Naman. Jim Pierson-Perry tells you how to set up your own home MIDI recording studio and professional musician Jan Moorhead reviews some new Compu-mates software and gives a thorough run-down of music equipment in "Synths, Samplers and Drums." For those of you just introducing yourself to music on the ST be sure to read the comparison review of the Music Studio and Music Construction Set.

In the art department, there is something for everyone too. Professional artist Marcus Badgley compares nine different paint and sprite editor programs in "From Cave Walls to Glowing Phosphor." You don't, however, have to be a professional artist to use the programs-be sure to read all about it. Some fine CADD software packages for the ST are now on the market, and Dave Edwards compares them for you in "The Electronic T-Square." Also, be sure to read "Desktop Video!" You'll be surprised and delighted. Clearly, the ST is coming into its own in the graphics and music spheres, and we're making it our business to give you all the details.

But the power of the ST doesn't stop with music and graphics. Senior Editor Frank Hayes in his "News, Notes and Quotes" talks about new products from Atari, products designed to serve business people. The Abaq workstation (not on the market yet) offers tremendous potential to the business and scientific community. We'll keep you posted on its development. There's also software now on the market that lets the STs do multi-user, multi-tasking functions, a LAN network is available, and the CD-ROM hardware is due out in February Atari means business! And our next special issue will be devoted to that topic.

In Spring START we'll be helping you with your taxes, telling you how STs are used to study earthquakes and reviewing some Macintosh and IBM PC software - that's right. You now can have three computers in one.

Let us know what you think of this special issue. We're always looking to hear from you.

Anita Malnig