Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 2 NO. 3 / WINTER 1987


Installing An Answer
The second choice under the "Options" menu choice is a real head-scratcher for some folks. Exactly what does it mean to "Install Application," anyway? Well, you may have noticed some programs like to have their own filename extender on the files they use or access. For example, a popular word processor, 1ST_WORD.PRG, likes to find files with a ".DOC" extender, among others. When you wish to edit a ".DOC" file, you must first load and run 1ST_WORD.PRG. and then load the desired text file.

If you install 1ST_WORD.PRG as using the ".DOC" extender, all you need to do is double-click on your text ".DOC" file, and 1ST_WORD.PRG will automatically load first, and then load the document you double-clicked on.

Do this by first clicking on 1ST_WORD.PRG once, causing it to turn black. Choose "Install Application" from the "Options" menu choice. In the dialog box which pops up, type in the letters "DOC" on the "Document Type" line Select whether your application is a GEM program, a TOS program, or a TOS program which needs a parameter line, and tap [RETURN].

To save your choices, click on "Save Desktop."

Clicking On Objects One Level Down
If you can see an object in an inactive window, you may still operate on that object (dragging it to the trash can, or copying it, for example) by first pointing at it with the mouse, holding down the right-hand mouse button, and then clicking/holding the left button to complete the action.

Write-Protecting Diskettes
One night you may find the disk your friend gave you won't allow you to write (save files) to it. Puzzled? Check the hole which is located on the lower-left front corner of a standard 3.5 inch disk. Can you see through it? Then you cannot write to that disk. To enable disk writing, slide the little plastic button back over the hole, closing it up.

Let's Standardize!
Whoa! Don't go running all around looking for special cables to hook your ST up to your new Atari laser printer or Hewlett Packard Plotter. The Atari ST was designed to accept standard IBM-style cables for everything including the parallel port for the printer and the RS-232C port for driving plotters and their ilk. You should be able to find these cables at your local computer store.

Changing Line Spacing Inside A Document
You like ST Writer, but you want double-spacing until paragraph three, and then single-spacing for that paragraph. and then go back to double-spacing? Easy. The formatting commands, like the top line of almost any ST Writer document, can be placed anywhere inside the document. Proceed to where you wish single spacing to start, then hold down the [CONTROL] key tap the "S" key and tap the "2" key, which is asking for two half-lines.

One ST Disk, Jelly Side Up
So what if you spilled cream cheese on the disk-wipe it off and keep going! What? Some of it got inside? Well, keep in mind that side one of a disk is on the bottom, and side two is on the top. If you have a single-sided drive; you may still be able to glean some information-in an emergency-from the disk. However, we don't recommend putting disks with foreign substances on them into your drive. Your best bet? Keep backups of everything, just in case you damage a disk.

The VT-52 Emulator And Downloading
Yes, that's right. The VT-52 emulator. Atari included with your Atari ST is a terminal program. with one big difference: it doesn't upload or download. You may use the VT-52 emulator to log onto and read CompuServe messages and such, but you can't capture any of the information for your own use. Once it scrolls off the screen, it's gone. If you actually need to capture information, you need a program like Flash, a full-featured telecommunications program sold by Antic Software (see The Catalog, bound in the center of this issue).

Three Bit Printer?
So you try to print out the TV screen by holding down [Alternate] and tapping the Help key but all you can get is the left three-quarters of the TV screen printed out? Never fear What you may need to do is select the "Config Printer" option from the desk accessories which come with your ST, and change the "dots" option from "960" to "1280' Your printer may be expecting 1280 dots per line, whereas your ST is putting out 960. resulting in only the left three-quarters of your screen being printed.