Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 1 NO. 2 / FALL 1986


You are now holding the second issue of START-The ST Quarterly, the most professional and complete magazine devoted to the Atari ST computer Our first issue sold out, although there may be a few copies in inventory for those of you who want the complete set.

Finally the Atari is being recognized as a competitive machine. Advertisers familiar to readers of MacWorld and PC have been approaching us. But what of the most important ingredient in a successful magazine introduction, the reader? Look at the letters in our Dialog Box. You readers raised some interesting and valuable questions. Let me answer those regarding content, subscriptions and frequency

We had responses ranging from "great," and "fantastic," to "I'm disappointed," and "over my head." My editorial position is, if you own an ST then START belongs in your mailbox. I agree, our first issue had some very difficult material. Those of you who felt in over your heads should keep reading because we intend to bring you comprehensive buying guides, technical tips that simply require your machine to be plugged in, and more power-user material like how to get the most out of your spreadsheets, communications software, and languages.

Remember, the disk is included, so no typing. Just read and enjoy-let the computer do the rest. For you hacker types and developers, I think we've already got you covered. You probably noticed the high-quality writers we've already signed up, and you can count on more.

I often tell our dedicated staff, we should address three groups in START. For those of you who are still deciding, we'll show you why the ST is a good buy. For those of you who are new owners, we'll help you feel comfortable with this powerful system, and help you choose software. And, for those of you already familiar with the system, rest assured we will bring you the most complete and useful information, programs and tutorials.

All of this is easy to say and difficult to do. After all, we're only two issues old. We'll make some mistakes, but a good, powerful, useful magazine takes some time to mature.

Many of you know we offer a $59.95 one-year subscription. You get four issues of START each including a 3.5-inch disk, plus 12 monthly issues of Antic - the Atari Resource. Why Antic?

Our reasoning went something like this: in Antic we have already built up the number one circulation, sales and advertising base for Atari computing. We already have withstood the test of time-four and a half years-in an unforgiving market. Last year we started the ST Resource section in Antic, and it grew. Non ST readers worried that the ST would take over the whole magazine, so we promised we would limit ST coverage to no more than 40 percent of Antic's editorial pages. Now this coverage is necessarily less comprehensive than START's and the articles are shorter and easier, but it's still 300 to 400 extra pages of ST material every year, and probably just right for many of you who are learning the ST.

As your skill increases, and you demand more thorough material, then there you have it, another quarterly issue of START, more difficult but much more to chew on.

Well, it still seems right to me, so I'm going to ride with this package awhile. If we deliver you START and Antic, and leave you excited, filled with ideas, more confident, and looking forward to another issue, then we will have done our job, delivered you good value for your money

As for frequency I think as we better understand our changing market, you can expect START-The ST Quarterly to become at least bimonthly

James Capparell