Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 1 NO. 1 / SUMMER 1986


James CapparellREADY SET START!

We at Antic Publishing are serious about the new Atari ST computers, and we know you are too. That's why I'm publishing START, the ST Quarterly. ST owners need a powerful publication, and that's what START is.

Let me tell you who we think you are, then you can look through this issue of START and see if it meets your needs.

You are probably well experienced with computers-used them in school or at your office-maybe you have owned one before. The important thing is that you have carefully considered the ST computer and concluded that it is the best buy for you. This is the machine you've been waiting for, and now you've got it!

Because you are experienced, you know you need the support of an active community-retailers, services and product manufacturers-as well as technical information and creative applications. You know there is a lot to learn- about the machine and how to use it. You know there is a lot to share-proud conquests and baffling problems. For this you need a publication that has the right stuff in it.

We think you want high-end information that requires a good grounding on your part both in computer fundamentals and practice. We think you want substantial articles and programs that will repay your investment of time and money in the ST and in START.

Is that you? If it is, take a look at our lineup this time: tough, strong pieces by the best ST minds around, backed up by six programs on the bound-in disk-no listings to type in, we think you're beyond that. (Note: some copies of START are sold without disk as a convenience to the trade and others without ST computers. If this copy does not contain a disk, you can order it for $10.95, plus $2.00 for postage and handling, from START DISK, 524 Second St., San Francisco, CA 94107.)

Because START is quarterly, we have the time to get, edit and present the best material for you, and you don't have to spend a fortune for complete ST coverage! Here's the deal: you can buy START on the newstand for $14.95 per issue (with disk), or subscribe to START for $59.95 (4 issues) and also receive 12 issues of Antic, that include the ST Resource. That means an additional monthly infusion of 30-40 pages of ST editorial material and programs in Antic.

Finally, we invite you masters of the 68000 to bend your brains in our direction. Information on article and program submissions can be found in The Dialog Box in this issue. The best ST articles and programs will always find a privileged place in START.

James Capparell