Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 35 / AUGUST 1989 / PAGE 11

Professional CAD

BeckerCAD ST, published by Abacus, is the next in a long line of computer-aided design programs for the ST. This program boasts a multilayer capability with up to 300 individually selected layers; a fully integrated programming language for exact object definition; symbol libraries; text capabilities; and plotter, dot-matrix printer, laser printer and PostScript support.

According to Abacus, "BeckerCAD's well-thought-out interface makes it easy to design anything from simple sketches, to detailed small parts to large complex buildings. BeckerCAD's standard features include polygons with any number of sides, freehand drawing, automatic line measurement, definable grid, multiple line widths, trim, divide, zoom and undo operations."

The suggested retail price for Becker-CAD ST is $395.

5370 52nd Street S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49508
(616) 698–0330