Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 35 / AUGUST 1989 / PAGE 10

State-of-the-art paint program

ArtisTech Development has announced the coming release of their paint program, Da Vinci Designer, which provides computer artists with more functions than any other paint program currently on the market.

Some of Da Vinci's features include a "real time" magnify mode that works with every mode and tool. When using real-time magnify, the magnified portion of the picture is constantly updated according to the position of the mouse, almost as if a magnifying glass were actually being moved across the picture.

Da Vinci's stencil function provides the ability for specific colors to be "protected"; that is, subsequent shapes that are drawn on the screen will not affect the protected colors, giving the appearance that they are being drawn behind the protected colors.

The many powerful functions provided by Da Vinci are too numerous to list here. But, as well as all the more common graphics functions, artists are also provided with coordinate and grid lock, 3-D distort, bend, rotate, flip, smear, cycle, blend, tint and filter.

Developed completely in assembly language and ignoring almost all system calls, this program is fast. Da Vinci Designer will be available July 31 at a retail price of $99.95.

ArtisTech Development
P.O. Box 214830
Sacramento, CA 95821
(916) 488-6844