Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 35 / AUGUST 1989 / PAGE 6

Games and hard disks

I am one of many ST users and ST-LOG subscribers here in Saudi Arabia. I recently purchased a Supra 20-Meg hard drive and am having a problem with it.

I am unable to boot game programs that have AUTO-boot folders with the hard drive plugged into the computer. It doesn't matter if the drive is turned on or not. The ST Drive A doesn't read the floppy if the hard disk is connected to the computer. The GEM desktop comes up in low resolution with no disk icons. Even when I disable the hard drive, I cannot play my games. The only way I can get the computer to load my game disks is to physically disconnect the hard drive from the computer. Other friends of mine do not seem to have this problem. Can you offer any help?

—Gilbert Snell
Saudi Arabia

It sounds to us like you're using Supra's self-booting software. This program is provided for Supra owners so that they can boot the computer from Drive C (the hard drive itself) rather than from floppy Disk A, thus speeding up the loading of AUTO programs and desk accessories. In order to load AUTO programs from Drive A, you have to disable the self-booting software. But don't despair; this is easy to do.

If you have any ST other than a MEGA, all you have to do is hold down the Alternate, Shift and Control keys when turning on the computer. The hard disk will then be ignored and the computer will boot from Floppy A. If you own a MEGA, you must wait until the Drive A light comes on before pressing the three above keys.