Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 33 / JUNE 1989 / PAGE 10

Two new games from Spinnaker

It's not unusual these days for American software publishers to import titles from Europe for distribution in the U.S. Spinnaker Software has now jumped on this lucrative bandwagon with the release of Starray and Quadralien for the Atari ST.

Starray is a simple shoot 'em up that, according to Computer & Video Games, a European game magazine, is "by far the best pure blaster." Starray offers fast-paced action in seven levels of horizontally scrolling screens.

Quadralien's action is set in the year 2057, where players must prevent the meltdown of Astra, Earth's cybernetic nuclear fission complex, and destroy the Quadralien forces. Not simply a shoot 'em up, Quadralien requires a little thought since players must choose the right combinations of droids, each of which has strong and weak points. The droids must also be properly maintained. Both games sell for $29.95.

Spinnaker Software
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