Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 31 / MAY 1989 / PAGE 8



Opus Is Best

In my opinion, Opus by Doug Harrison (September 1988) is the best program for the Atari ST ever published in ST-LOG. It certainly is also in the top 5% of all programs published for the ST in any ST specific magazine. However, the main limitation of Opus is its "unique" and "proprietary" file structure. So that we users can get the maximum use out of it, could Mr. Harrison or another of the super programmers who write for ST-LOG do a convenor program so that spreadsheets in other popular formats, such as those used by VIP Professional, LDW Power and A-Calc Prime, would be usable with it, as well as be able to port Opus data back the other way?

Further, it might not be a bad idea if Mr. Harrison could write an expanded manual explaining in greater detail how to get full use out of Opus.—E. Earl Hill
Erie, PA

Thanks for the suggestions. We have been in contact with Doug Harrison about the possibility of doing some follow-up articles to Opus. Hopefully, you'll find something in STLOG in the near future.