Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 30 / APRIL 1989 / PAGE 10

Tape backup for your ST

ICD has released its long-awaited FA-ST Tape Backup. This cassette tape unit provides for fast, error-free backups of important data, chugging along at a "FA-ST" five to six megabytes per minute and storing 155.7 megabytes on a single data cassette. The software provides individual file recovery and a friendly GEM user interface and can handle Spectre 128 and Magic Sac partitions in image backup mode. To make the system as compact and convenient as possible, the FA-ST Tape Backup has room in its case for a built-in hard drive. Drives from 20 to 170 megabytes are available as an option. The suggested retail price of the ICD FA-ST Tape Backup is $899.95.

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