Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 30 / APRIL 1989 / PAGE 9

Attention MIDI enthusiasts

Casio, Inc. has introduced a new series of MIDI-compatible synthesizers, all reasonably priced so that just about anyone interested in getting on the MIDI bandwagon may do so without putting too great a hurt on their pocketbook. The new Tone Bank keyboards include the MT-240 ($199), the CT-370 ($229), the MT-540 ($269), the DM-100 ($329) and the CT-640 ($399). All the keyboards are 49-key synths, except for the CT-640, which comes with a full-size, 61-key keyboard.

Robert Larson, senior vice president of Casio's Electronic Music Instrument Division, says, "These new Tone Bank keyboards bring to the market some of the most realistic instrument sounds imaginable. The unique layering capability of the Tone Bank gives the user a wider variety of sound choices than we could ever offer in the past."

Casio, Inc.
570 Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Dover, NJ 07801
(201) 361-500


Casio's DM-100 double manual Tone Bank keyboard.

Casio's MT-540 Tone Bank keyboard. Features 20 PCM Instrument sounds with Tone Bank capability that makes 210 sound combinations possible.

Casio's CT-640 Tone Bank keyboard. Features 30 PCM Instrument sounds. With Tone Mix capability, 465 sound combinations are possible.