Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 30 / APRIL 1989 / PAGE 8


APRIL 1989

New relational database

The Superbase Professional database management system for all models of the ST is now shipping. Superbase Professional boasts a forms editor that is used much like a desktop-publishing program to create fully relational, multipage screen forms with cross-file validation, calculation and checking. The forms editor is also compatible with DEGAS and Neochrome file formats so that pictures generated with those programs may be included in your forms. A resident text editor lets you incorporate ASCII files of any size into your database and provides for key word and pattern searches. Superbase Professional is published by Progressive Peripherals & Software, Inc. and is priced at $299.95.

Progressive Peripherals
& Software, Inc.
464 Kalamath Street
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 825-4144


Superbase Professional, published by Progressive Peripherals & Software, Inc., Is priced at $299.95.