Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 30 / APRIL 1989 / PAGE 6


The Business ST

I recently read the article "Getting Down to Business with Atari" in the September '88 issue of ST-LOG and felt compelled to write concerning some business activities that I handle using my ST.

I am an assigner for the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO), Board #11 in Wilmington, Delaware. I am responsible for assigning pairs of referees for close to 3,000 games yearly. I also must keep track of last-minute assignment changes, make out pay vouchers (which include 1099 tax forms) and supply assignment sheets monthly for 120 officials. I must send contracts out to each league that uses our services and handle all the billing for those leagues. I also inherited the responsibility of keeping an updated mailing label list for our board membership.

All this and more is easily handled on my 1040ST.

I use a variety of software to accomplish my tasks. I use A-Calc for game assignment sheets and pay vouchers. For contracts and billing, I use Word Writer ST with a calculator desk accessory. When a special type of form is needed, I find myself using Publishing Partner. I have made recruitment posters, banquet fliers, etc., with no problems.

I use Labelmaster to crank out all my labeling needs. I have also started a small mailing label business using Labelmaster.

By profession I am a computer specialist for a large company in Wilmington. As you know, this means I work with IBMs or IBM compatibles. I personally prefer the ST.

—John Gretchen
New Castle, DE