Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 30 / APRIL 1989 / PAGE 6


Ultra-Graph in the classroom

You are to be complimented on the excellent article (and accompanying disk), "Ultra-Graph" by Blake Arnold and Phil Mast, in the November '88 issue. As a community college math teacher, I find it very useful in my advanced math classes.

Each year our campus has an open house, and I will use Ultra-Graph as a demo on a 25-inch screen. It should be a major attraction! ST machines are well suited for this kind of application; unfortunately, there is relatively little software of this type available.

Please continue to publish articles in this area. The needs of me and my students are: matrix operations, solving systems of equations, the Simplex Method and programs that simulate probability experiments. I know these exist on other machines, so it is possible for the STs.

—Hal Anderson
Santa Rosa, CA

Thanks for the nice words on Ultra-Graph. We're sure that both Blake and Phil will be thrilled to learn that their program is being used in college classrooms. There is little doubt that Ultra-Graph is one of the best graphing utilities anywhere, including anything in the commercial market.

As for your other math program needs, we would be more than happy to publish other programs of this type. Any of you ST programmers who happen to be math experts should take up Mr. Anderson's challenge and see what you can create. ST-LOG would be interested in seeing your work. Just remember: the ST is a graphics-based machine, and programs should utilize those graphics abilities to the greatest extent.