Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 29 / MARCH 1989 / PAGE 8

Korg DSS-1 editing software

Savant Audio has announced the release of Edit DSS, a full-featured patch-editing program for owners of the Korg DSS-1 synthesizer. Features include:

  • An intuitive mouse and menu interface with high-speed graphics routines.
  • Complete waveform editing, including cut, paste, copy, mix, draw, optimize, reverse, compress, invert, crossfade, undo and more.
  • High-quality sample playback through the Atari ST speaker, allowing the user to hear edits immediately.
  • Complete DSS-1 system in RAM, which holds with up to 16 multisounds, 256 samples and 64 programs instantly available.
  • Full-featured patch editing that edits all DSS-1 parameters with two banks of patches in RAM and complete librarian functions, as well as a patch generator.

Edit-DSS can be run on both monochrome and color systems, but it does require one megabyte of RAM. It's priced at $250.

Savant Audio
140 Bellmore Avenue
Bellmore, NY 11710
(516) 826-6336