Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 28 / FEBRUARY 1989 / PAGE 17

Musicians take note

State of the Art, in conjunction with Hybrid Arts, has announced a new marketing strategy to help people interested in MIDI to acquire Hybrid Art's products. Selected programs from the Hybrid Arts catalog (including EZ-Score and EZ-Tracks) are now available to Atari users’ group members at dealer discount prices, and the only requirement is that users’ groups obtain and fill out a special registration form. This is a fine opportunity for musicians to start building their MIDI program library.

State of the Art
P.O. Box 1055
388-3 College Ave.
Clemson, SC 29633
(803) 653-MIDI


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Virus — Gives players a chance to stop a poisonous menace intent on destroying the earth.
Space Cutter — Players get to take their chances at piloting a spacecraft that is so powerful that no one has been allowed to pilot it before.