Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 27 / JANUARY 1989 / PAGE 9

Computer Tutors

The computer revolution that made microcomputers a reality in the 1980s has spawned a cottage industry attempting to change the way people think about using computers. Five years ago, the mainline solution to word processors was a dedicated minicomputer that did one thing: word processing. The present has created new market leaders that offer higher throughput, better cost and more features than the outdated, dedicated word-processing machines.

The result is a community of computer users that have not invested in microcomputers because of the huge number of unknowns involved in jumping off into a new system. The solution is to teach computer operators and supervisors to learn the new language and programs. The demand for computer education has spawned a cottage industry of firms that offer instruction, hand-holding and training to end-users.

Techlancers Inc. is a firm that has pushed traditional education approaches into new areas through its program of conversion. Their training method provides a modular curriculum in which clients with specific needs can have their training tailored accordingly. On-site tutors and troubleshooters provide expert training and hand-holding during the early days of a software conversion. Although they mostly focus on conversion to the WordPerfect word processor, Techlancers also supports other programs.

Techlancers Inc.
19 E. 41st St.
New York, NY 10017
(212) 370-1960