Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 27 / JANUARY 1989 / PAGE 8

Give Your ST Math Smarts

A math coprocessor board for your Mega ST has been developed by Malcolm Campbell, a hardware designer in Fullerton, California. The special board plugs into the expansion slot of a Mega ST, giving your Mega ST a 16-mhz math coprocessor that is ready to tackle scientific or engineering problems. The coprocessor is memory mapped according to Atari's recently released guidelines for memory addressing on the Mega.

Campbell has been running mostly raw speed trials in the final testing of the new hardware accessory. Motorola provides floating-point multiplication and division software routines that can process 30,000 iterations with software conversion in five minutes. Using the math coprocessor, the same iterations take less than 17 seconds. To the average end-user, this means that CAD-3D could run up to 20 times faster with the coprocessor. It also means the Mega ST can be sold into the scientific community as a powerful numbers-cruncher.

Malcolm Campbell
2380 West Orangethorp #13
Fullerton, CA 92633
CompuServe: 70157,3363
DELPHI: Oscartalker