Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 27 / JANUARY 1989 / PAGE 7


Where's Microsoft Write?

I recently received and read the September '88 issue, and I wish to say I am quite impressed with the overall improvement in the magazine's layout and content. I do wish you would soon improve the cover to the quality of the old ST-Log. It was really quite outstanding every issue.

More specifically, I would like to comment on Mr. Plotkin's survey of ST word-processing programs. I was impressed by the article in general, but, as a user of Microsoft Write, I feel that the omission of this program from the article was a glaring error. Many people will make a purchasing decision based upon this article, and it is indeed worthy of this. However, these people will not be aware of Microsoft Write without consulting other sources. I feel that this program, though containing flaws, is very useful. I use it with GDOS and find the print quality on my FX-85 to be absolutely superb! Would it be possible to ask Mr. Plotkin to review it as an addendum to this article? I think his comments comparing it with the others in his article would be very useful to those seeking a word processor. Please keep up the excellent work! ST-Log is the best ST magazine I have seen.

—Stephen G. Roquemore
Sonoma, California

Well, I guess this is confession time. The omission of Microsoft Write from the word processor article was not so much an error, but a necessity due to the time constraints under which the article was written. Poor David Plotkin was given only two weeks to complete his article, and because he was not, at that time, familiar with Microsoft Write, he warned us that he would not be able to include it. I am sure, though, that Dave would be willing to fill in the gap. What do you say, Dave?

And thanks, Steve, for the compliments.