Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 27 / JANUARY 1989 / PAGE 7


More Applications

I want to compliment you on the "new" ST-Log. After the recent delay for several months, I was hesitant to renew my subscription. But the recent issues have renewed my faith in the magazine.

I want to especially commend Frank Cohen for his article on relational databases (April '88) and Karl Wiegers for his series on software engineering. These types of articles provide information and motivate readers to appreciate more fully, the fine art of programming.

I was also impressed with the Opus spreadsheet in the September '88 issue. First, how do I order that month's program disk? Second, I would like to see more application programs published. Fancy graphics and games are nice, but solid application programs allow users, both novice and experienced, to enjoy the abilities of these programs without having to spend big bucks on the "name" programs. Just one Lotus 1-2-3 purchase saved would pay for several years of ST-Log. If the reader becomes a "power user" after several months or years with your application program, they can always upgrade, but many users will be satisfied with a spreadsheet like Opus forever! Keep up the good work!

—James W. Maki
Indianapolis, Indiana

Thanks for all the compliments, Jim. I'm sure the authors of the articles you mentioned will also appreciate your kind words. To answer your question, if you flip through this issue, you'll find a full-page advertisement that'll give you all the details you need in order to get your copy of an ST-Log disk. Keep in mind that only the last six months are represented in the list; other disks may also be available.

We agree with you that the applications programs published in our pages save ST-Log's readers a lot of money, as well as provide useful, easy-to-acquire software. We have many other interesting programs forthcoming, such as an outline generator and the long-awaited ST version of MicroCheck. The editors of ST-Log encourage software authors to send their programs in to us for evaluation. Programs chosen for publication in ST-Log receive the highest author payments available for magazine publication.