Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 26 / DECEMBER 1988 / PAGE 11

New GEM file selector

The Universal Item Selector replaces the klunky file selector that appears when GEM-based programs need to select disk files. ST users that are familiar with the GEM Desktop are often plagued by the limited nature of the normal GEM file selector. For example, when attempting to load a file from a different disk drive or folder, the usual GEM item selector forces the user to enter a number of clumsy keystrokes and mouse clicks before the correct file directory is displayed. The Universal Item Selector sports many icons to easily move between disk drives and folders, and supplies many other functions not available from the standard GEM file selector.

"ST users that are familiar with the GEM Desktop are often plagued the limited nature of the normal GEM file sector."

Originally introduced in 1987, a major upgrade has just been released. Universal II supports many new functions, yet it occupies less than 23K of your ST's memory. The new version allows groups of files to be copied, deleted and locked. New dialog warnings have been added to functions that could remove or change files. The new system also supports the Twister disk format—a system of initializing a floppy diskette that also speeds disk access—on Mega ST computers. Universal II also comes with a printed manual. (The older version included the manual recorded on the program diskette.)

Universal II has a list price of only $19.95 and is available now. Upgrades to the new system are available to existing users for only $4 when the original diskette is returned.

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