Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 26 / DECEMBER 1988 / PAGE 10

Speed Your FAT

The File Allocation Table (FAT) is a list of free disk space on your ST's hard-disk drive. While most people aren't aware that the FAT even exists, once you fill your hard disk with more than a few files, you will find the performance of your hard disk to be greatly impaired. The problem lies in the method TOS uses to find free space to store information on your hard disk.

Fat Speed is a public-domain utility program that patches TOS to use a more efficient method of reading the FAT. The small utility program is added to your auto folder and, when your ST is powered on Fat Speed, invisibly modifies the method TOS uses to search through the FAT.

Fat Speed works with most versions of TOS ROM chips, but the author makes a clear disclaimer that use of Fat Speed can sometimes permanently erase the FAT, making it impossible to access any of the files on your hard disk.

You can find Fat Speed on DELPHI, GEnie and CompuServe. A small document is included that gives some particulars of usage and an address where the author may be reached.