Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 26 / DECEMBER 1988 / PAGE 10

The Magic Sac saga continues

David Small is working on a new version of the Magic Sac, the Macintosh emulation system for the Atari ST. The new system, Spectre 128, has two major differences from the old Magic Sac: it works with the newer 128K Macintosh Operating System ROMS, and it is not being marketed by Data Pacific.

In 1986, David Small teamed up with Joel Rosenblum, an old friend who was also a computer programmer, to start Data Pacific, the company that would handle marketing and sales of the Magic Sac. Small and Rosenblum parted last April, with Small announcing the commencement of the Spectre 128 project and Rosenblum continuing to market the Magic Sac.

Spectre 128, expected to be out in the first quarter of 1989, will open up a huge library of Macintosh software to ST users. Since the release of the Macintosh Plus in 1987, most Macintosh software developers have taken advantage of the new operating system functions built into the 128K Macintosh ROM. HyperCard relies heavily on the new ROM set, as do most of the other commercially available products.

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