Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 25 / NOVEMBER 1988 / PAGE 11

ST-Talk Professional

John DeMar of QMI Software has released a "beta" testing version of his new telecommunications program, ST-Talk Professional. The new system sports new disk utility functions (e.g. delete file, rename file, etc.), 80-column text display full capture and text editing features and a new easy-to-read manual.

QMI released the beta version to the ST user community in advance of the finalized version of the product. QMI expects the average Atari ST user will easily master the use of ST Talk Professional in this un-released state, even though the product is not "complete." Other ST software developers have made prereleased software available, rather than wait for finished software and manuals to be created.

Quantum Microsystems Inc.
P.O. Box 179
304 First Street
Liverpool, NY 13088
(315) 451-7747.