Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 24 / OCTOBER 1988 / PAGE 7

Word Quest ST

Artisan Software has released Word Quest, a hidden-word-search game for the ST. Word-search games hide words, phrases, names and other text in a matrix of jumbled letters. Word Quest makes entry and creation of word search puzzles easy and fun, since the program intelligently places any words you enter into the puzzle.

ST-Log used Word Quest to develop the puzzle shown here. In it you will find most of the names of the editors, writers and contributors to ST-Log. There are 18 names in the puzzle, and it took less than five minutes to build!

The program was written in GFA BASIC, but it is surprisingly well behaved and nicely GEM-based. For only $17.95, Word Quest makes an interesting addition to your software library. The product is available only from Artisan Software directly.

Artisan Software
P.O. Box 3213
Fontana, CA 92334