Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 23 / SEPTEMBER 1988 / PAGE 15

Over the big water

I have been an Atari fanatic for about four years now. I have the 130XE, 1050 disk drive with the U.S. Doubler, 1027 printer and the cassette deck. I also have the 520 ST, but I have replaced the half-meg drive with a one-meg drive. And lastly, I have the monochrome monitor. I belong to the Lee Valley Atari User Group and attend most Atari shows held in London; they are fantastic. I went to the tenth PCW show in London at Olympia last year, and I was amazed at how the Atari world dominated the whole show; they are quite simply the best in the world.

I am writing to you because I would like to get in touch with some Atari pen friends in the states, and you are the only people I can think of who may be able to help me.

—S. Ireland
95 Rundells
Harlow, Essex
England CM18 7 HD