Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 23 / SEPTEMBER 1988 / PAGE 6

Memory chips cost more

Since last year, the price of RAM memory chips has nearly tripled, causing dramatic price increases of memory upgrades for 520 ST machines. E. Arthur Brown, a popular mail-order supplier of ST software and hardware add-ons, has increased the price of their popular ST Solderless RAM upgrade to $249.95 with one megabyte of RAM chips installed.

The Brown memory upgrade board has been redesigned to incorporate two fool-proof connection points. The user removes the MMU chip (one of the square VLSI custom chips) from a 520 ST mother board and plugs an adaptor board into the original MMU socket. The video-shifter chip is also removed, and a plug fits snugly into the shifter socket. The chips are then reinserted, and your 520 ST has more than one megabyte of memory.

E. Arthur Brown Company
3404 Pawnee Drive
Alexandria, MN 56308
(612) 762-8847