Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 22 / AUGUST 1988 / PAGE 11

Desktop Publisher ST

Timeworks has introduced a desktop publishing system for the ST. At $129.95, Timeworks' new product becomes the third DTP package for the ST after the successful Publishing Partner and Fleet Street Publisher DTPs. Timeworks' Desktop Publisher ST is different from the other DTPs, as it includes a word processor to enter your text. Page layout, graphic setups and typesetting abilities are all included, allowing the user to move freely between all of its functions. The program is GEM based and was written by the same people that developed 1st Word in England. DEGAS, Neochrome, GEM Draw and Easy Draw graphic files may be imported. Text from Word Writer, 1st Word, WordPerfect, Regent Word II and ASCII files may be imported. Kearning and leading are supported with automatic text flow.

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