Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 22 / AUGUST 1988 / PAGE 10


Michtron Introduces New Titles

Slaygon is a new arcade-style maze game from Michtron. The game offers a graphical 3-D maze game along the lines of Dungeons & Dragons. As a voyager you travel through a building of corridors and rooms picking up objects. The game has good graphics and a price of $39.95.

GFA Artist, $79.95, is an animation and graphics program. Similar to DEGAS Elite, images are developed using a standard painting metaphor. Animation scripts are created to animate the sprites. The program can generate more than 1,000 colors per screen.

Michtron is now also an educational software supplier. The new Kidprogs is geared towards preschool children. For $39.95, it offers elementary interaction with music, pictures and the alphabet. ABZOO ($29.95), is a letter recognition program for toddlers. The screen shows pictures of objects that correspond with keys on the ST keyboard. Invasion is a $29.95 typing tutor program where letters and words appear at the top of the screen and tumble downward until the corresponding key is pressed on the keyboard.

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