Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 21 / JULY 1988 / PAGE 9

Datasoft Adds Some Fun

Datasoft has released three new games for the ST: Battledroidz, Global Commander, and The Rubicon Alliance. The games feature good graphics and animation and all are priced under $30.

BattleDroidz is a combination of Marble Madness and Tron, two popular arcade games. A joystick is used to move your character around a three-dimensionally drawn screen. Hills, ramps, canyons and cliffs make up the playfield that is inhabited with Cyborites, little pill-shaped creatures that try to zap you. A game-grid map shows your movement through the playfield until you complete each level. If you were disappointed by the ST version of Marble Madness, you might find this one a challenge.

In Global Commander you must carefully negotiate peace between the Earth's United Nuclear Nations (UNN). The program is icon driven and gives you information about the UNN economies, resources, food supplies, etc. There are 16 UNN world powers that are nuclear-armed and aggressive. The goal of the game is to avoid nuclear war and save the world.

The Rubicon Alliance is a shoot-'em-up game where you pilot a starship that destroys just about everything in sight. Your home planet's defense shield has been breached and you must fight off the invaders until you find the protagonist of this game, Nono. Eight missions must be completed before you can attach Nono and save your planet.

Datasoft (Intellicreations)
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