Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 21 / JULY 1988 / PAGE 8

Atari Fun For Little Tots!

A new series of educational programs is being produced by Alohafonts Software. Uncle D's Con-Sound-Tration game tests and enhances memory concentration techniques for children four and up. The product comes with two disks, a general program disk and a data disk. Once the program has been loaded, everything is icon driven, so children will find it easy to work with once they get used to manipulating the mouse.

Uncle D is a cute character who appears to indicate the success or failure of a child to solve one of the puzzles. In play, the child selects a square from the screen and is shown a drawing of an everyday object. The child then flips a square from the right side of the screen and hears a digitized recording of the object's sound. If the child matches the drawing to the sound, the objects disappear and a happy face of Uncle D appears. Otherwise, the squares are flipped back over and the game continues.

Con-Sound-Tration has a list price of only $24.95 and comes with four sets of games. Also available are several data disks that explore the environment, Spanish/French/German languages, and more.

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