Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 20 / JUNE 1988 / PAGE 8


I'm very confused (no wisecracks, please). In the editorial for the April ST-Log, Lee Pappas stated that the magazine's design was going to improve by "adding more color and incorporating more creative layouts." Flipping through the issue, I can't see any changes at all. ST-Log looks exactly the same.

—Arnold Richards
Columbia, SC

The key words in that editorial were "in the months to come." It takes a great deal of time and planning to redesign a magazine. Also, much of the work for the April and May issues of ST-Log were completed at the time of the magazines' sale to the new publisher, and we decided, in order to get the magazines on the stands as fast as possible, to use the completed material. There were no changes at all done to the April issue. By now, you've received the May issue, and I'm sure you've noticed the new cover style and logo. The June issue will be the first issue that our new artists have been able to put their full efforts to. And, believe me, when you pull it out of your mailbox, you will see the difference.