Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 20 / JUNE 1988 / PAGE 8


I have a Supra 60MB hard drive to go along with my 1MB 520-ST. Every once in a while, when I turn on the computer, the hard drive icons don't come up properly. (I've got the drive partitioned into four logical drives C, D, E and F). I don't know if there's something wrong with the hard drive or with the boot software. The only way I've found to get it to work again is to turn everything off for a couple of minutes, then reboot it. Am I doing something wrong?

—Greg Albertson
Reno, NV

You're probably not doing anything wrong Greg; in fact, you discovered the proper solution to your problem on your own, although usually you don't need to turn off the entire system. Just turning off the hard drive for a few seconds and then rebooting will usually correct this mysterious malady.