ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM ISSUE 9 — DECEMBER/JANUARY 1985


Enhancements to Basic

    Despite its wide usage, Atari BASIC has a number of weaknesses. Unlike some other languages, BASIC lacks a SEARCH function and many other multi-line commands. Recently, FIRST BYTE has created a new utility to alleviate these problems. Called `Enhancements to Basic', this program is stored to any disk, and is automatically booted when the computer is powered-up. As a result, the inconvenience of additional commands for LOADing are avoided. The additional functions provided by `Enhancements to Basic' include commands to: Trace, renumber lines. list variables, automatically number lines, and delete blocks of data. In addition, most of the old DOS functions like Delete File, Examine File Directory, Rename File, Lock, Unlock, Erase File, and Format are incorporated into BASIC. Further, several new DOS commands, like Restore Deleted File, Examine Deleted File Directory, and Rename Deleted File are added. But what makes this utility particularly interesting is the relatively low price of $14.95. Because ROM has received only a preliminary copy of `ENHANCEMENTS TO BASIC', we have been unable analyze this program in detail. However, once receiving a final copy, we plan to do a thorough review. (Check for it in the next issue.)