ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM ISSUE 9 — DECEMBER/JANUARY 1985 / PAGE 38

Reviewed by Peter Ellison

    +Lister Plus+ boots up to a menu giving you a choice of three printer options. E-Epson, P-Prowriter, or O-Other. Choosing either `E' or `P' will put you in a menu with six different printing options. Picking `O' will boot the lister Plus Printer Drive Creator. This, then explains a little about printers, and how they receive data. It then runs a program that will ask different questions for different printed characters. It first asks the decimal equivalent to a certain character. Next it asks the number of columns your printer can reproduce. Finally, it asks for the code for Half dot columns. The printer driver is excellent, because you can create your own personal printer file, and use it any time by loading it from the Other file.
    Going back to the main menu will give you a choice of six commands. They are 1) List a diskette file, 2) Type-A-Line file, 3) Print a Type-A-Line file, 4) Print a Graphics 8/7+ screen, 5) Print Character set tables, 6) Quit. The first option is used to print a program or text file. The program then asks if you wish 38 column format. This will print out your program or text file as it is read on the screen. You then have a choice of three widths: one, two, or three column. This can be handy when trying to debug a program. It then asks if you wish our listing Blocked Left, Centered, or Blocked right.
    There is a special menu called General All Purpose Sub-Menu (Gaps) where you have six options. They are: 1) Standard Atari, this will give you the standard Atari font without anything fancy, 2) Whatever, is one where you can select your own current custom font for all printing, 3) New Custom, after choosing this option you can load in a new font, any of the many fonts that are given on the disk, or one that you've made up, 4) Line Feed (10), with this menu item, you can change the distance the printer will move after it prints the next line, 5) Ctrl/Alpha, you can replace all of the Graphics characters in the current custom font with Atari standard ALPHA characters (letters A to Z) in either upper case or lower case, 6) Main Menu, returns you back to the main menu.
    Option number 2 in your main menu, Type-A-Line allows you to type a line and print it to your printer with whatever font you like. This makes it easy to put fancy headings, or whatever, on reports or letters. Option 3 is very similar to option 2, except you print a Type-A-Line file which you have saved before hand. Option 4, allows you to print a Graphics 8/7+ screen. Print either a micropainter screen or one of the many painting programs available. You can print it Inverse or Normal, or even on its side, using two sheets of paper (8X14). Option 5, Print Character Set Tables, can be very useful when writing a program with a lot of character set. With this option you can print out any created character set, which makes it easy for quick reference. The final option is obvious, 6) Quit.
    I recommend this utility to any one who owns a printer with a graphic chip, or one who is getting one. This utility, which is written in Basic, is easy to make a back-up copy, so don't abuse it. Starting with this issue we will be using this program to list our programs. This will make it a lot easier to type in our programs, because they'll look the same as on the screen, 38 columns. For $19.95, how can you lose.
    + Lister Plus + is available on 48K disk from:

Non-Standard Magic
P.O. BOX 45
Girard, Ohio 44420