ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 8 — OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 1984 / PAGE 4


Dear ROM:
    Thank you for the copies of your Atari magazine - ROM.
    I was most impressed and will write them up in our User Group magazine together with your address.
    I heard of ROM from reading the ACE Eugene, Oregon User Group magazine, which they just mentioned as a new magazine. Good luck in future issues.

Norman V. Pearce
Adelaide Atari Computer Club
Norwood, Australia

Dear Norman:
    Thank you for your interest in ROM magazine. We're always interested in hearing from Atari Users outside of North America. I hope we will receive more letters from oversea Atari Users.

Dear ROM:
    I enjoy your magazine! I am always glad to welcome another ATARI only magazine. I've enclosed a copy of an interesting approach to us Adventure game players. The giving of "hints" is really helpful and needed. What I have enclosed is from the now defunct S.T. GAME magazine (formerly SOFTLINE). I hope your magazine survives in the apparently "tough" computer-magazine market. I've had two of them that I subscribed to fold (S.T. GAMES formerly SOFTLINE and SOFTSIDE MAGAZINE).
    Since the magazine that used the above approach for Adventure game lovers folded, I thought I might present it to you to see if you would include a similar type in ROM magazine.

Gary Herman
Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Gary:
    Your suggestion in putting a hints section in ROM sounds quite interesting. We will need to discuss this at the next ROM staff meeting. We would very much appreciate some reader response to this type of section. Send in your tips or questions to ROM magazine in care of A.G. H.! (Adventure game help).

Dear ROM:
I was quite enthused to see a new Atari only magazine. I really enjoyed the machine language game, "Depth Warrior", which was printed in issue seven. It ran fine on my Atari 800 computer, but when trying it on my friend's 800XL the submarines weren't responsive to the right joystick movements. Is there a way to fix this?

Dan Morrison
Stockton, CA

Dear Dan:
    The reason the joystick doesn't respond to the 800XL is that the XL series only have two joystick ports and this game was written for four. To fix this problem Jack Chung would need to nearly rewrite the movement section of the game. From now on, games in the magazine will be entirely computable for both the XL and old 400/800 series.

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