ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 8 — OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 1984 / PAGE 58

by Jason Cockroft

    I was on the bus, high-tailing my way to the office, wondering what would be in store for me next. (I was a little late.) Hmmm, could it be another pay cut or maybe another "clean up your act" speech? I just didn't know. Things weren't going so smoothly since the great defeat I had at the hands of T.R.R. two months ago.
    When I stepped into the office I knew that there was something wrong right away. T.R.R. gave me an unusually pleasant "Good Morning" as I sauntered on in. While wandering over to my desk, I found the cause of my worries. It was some young kid sitting there, dressed in a suit and tie.
    "A good top of the morning to you, sir!," he said.
    "What in the blazes are you doing at my desk?" I growled.
    "I thought I'd tidy up your desk for you sir."
    "Don't call me... GET OUT'A HERE!," I screamed.
    This was all a little too much for this dude to put up with on a Monday morning. I went straight to the editor.
    When I swung open the door, I was to find the Editor and T.R.R. in conference.
    "Did you know that there's some college boy at my desk?" I asked. At that time I heard a wimpy little knock on the office door.
    "I would like you to meet your new co-reviewer, Thomas Fuller", stated the Editor.
    "*@+#?%!! CO-REVIEWER?"
    The Editor insisted, "In the interest of the magazine, at all times we must have the top possible personnel in all departments. The recent rumours that J.S.D. is not achieving high scores at the arcade could hurt us. Therefore, we have hired this top scoring college freshman to give the column a little respectability. "
    This made my stomach churn. The Editor told me to take the rest of the day off. I suppose he knew I would take this like a computer without a joystick.
    When I got home I noticed "Miss Quick Game", or, as she prefers to be called, Diana Giles, (I settled on D.G.), cleaning up my basement. "Give me a break, D. G.. Leave my basement alone!"
    "Oh J.S.D., you'll never change. Anyways, I've got something great to show you. I was down at Al's software, and I bought this great new game called Mig Alley Ace. "
    "Gimme here", I demanded.
    I plugged that guy in, and my first impression was "Fantastic!" Sixteen months ago I reviewed Hellcat ACE. At that time I thought that it was one of the greatest pieces of software on the market (see issue 2). After playing this, you begin to understand what great advancements in software have taken place over the last year and a half. Anyhow, this is similar to Hellcat ACE, yet, with one major difference; the screen is split horizontally, showing not one, but two displays of both the console and the horizon of each jet. With this basic format, the author, Andy Hollis, has expanded the game to its full potential. You can play one on one, or, as a team, and even "accidentally" shoot down your partner. Great fun!
    Not only the playability but also the graphics are superior in Mig Alley Ace. Watching those Migs bank and weave gives the user a wild G-force effect. Yet, while the game has been much improved, it still contains great original features such as climbing into the sun and blinding your enemy. Speaking of the enemy, I found he also shows new originality in slipping out of my sights. This tests the skills of even the advanced software dude.
    I should further add, the game has five different scenarios which change its pace. Each contains different types of enemies including bombers, transports, and fighters.
    "Not too bad, D.G., this gives me an idea. I'll meet you down at Ralph's burgers at 7:00 pm", I said. She agreed.
    I once again jumped on the bus and headed back to the ROM office. When I arrived, I noticed there was a '69 Rambler sitting in my of parking spot. I had a hunch that it belonged to that Thomas guy. My plans brewed some more. When I walked into the office, I found Tom-boy answering my fan mail. That was it! It was time to make my move. I called the Editor and T.R.R. over.
    "We're going to make a little wager here", I boasted, "how 'bout betting my Atari 800XL against your Rambler over a match of Mig Alley Ace?"
    "Well sir, Ah..., yes."
    T.R.R. interrupted, "Since the stakes are so high, how about putting your jobs on the line?"
    "You're pretty confident in that goof, eh ...?" I asked thoughtfully.
    "I should be, he is my cousin", declared T.R.R. "Uh hu, I knew it. " I added.
    I glared over at Tom-boy, and he agreed on the stakes. The Ed., gave a hesitant nod.

Mig Alley Ace

    The game was short and to the point. It took a good three minutes. I blazed his tail so quickly he had no time to even make an excuse. I looked over at him as he stared at the console. He started, "Well ah..., sir... "
    "The keys", I snarled.
    I turned to T.R.R. and told him to get his snivelling little cousin out of there.
    I sat back at my newly acquired desk, broke out a six pack, and laughed a good one. I noticed T.R.R. on the other side of the office opening his fan mail. He looked over and said, "I'm still NUMBER ONE!"

Software Dude

    I had nothing to say. I looked at my watch and it was a quarter to nine. Oh well, I was late again.